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Gbox gearboxtool


The Gbox Gearboxtool makes it easier to demount and mount the gearbox keeping the gearbox secured and balanced against the jack.

Fits: All manual gearbox Porsche models and 6-gear Racing boxes.

4800 sek
VAT not included.

Gbox enginesupport


The Gbox Enginesupport tool keeps the engine in place during the mounting and demounting of the gearbox. It can also be used when the gearbox has been removed and you want to move the car.

Fits: All 996-997 Porsche models. A set of different distances is included to fit a selection of engine models.

2100 sek
VAT not included.

Wheelcam Digital Racing Alignment


The system can be used for alignment of toe, camber, castor, KPI, track width, straight ahead position and toe out on turn on most track race cars, as well as for alignment for setup tables. The computer program guides the user through the measuring process and prints out exact measuring reports.


Wheelcam setup pallets adjustments

Includes in the wheelcam digital racing alignment

Contact us for more information magnus@gbox.se

Gbox safetystands


The Gbox Safetystands secure the car when lifted onto its air jacks. It provides maximum security when working under a raised car. It complies with full health and safety regulations for car racing. The Gbox Safetystands are sold in sets of three.

Fits: All Porsche 996-997 Cup models with air jacks. Please specify the model and the year when ordering.

4900 sek
VAT not included.

Gbox dualstands


Gbox Dualstands used together with Gbox Safetystands makes it possible to lift the car to double the height compared to only using the car%u2019s air jacks. Gbox Dualstands offer maximum safety by locking to the air jack%u2019s foot preventing slippage. Gbox Dualstands are sold in sets with three basestands and three safetystands included.

Fits: All Porsche 996-997 racing cars with air jacks. Please specify the model and the year when ordering.

13100 sek
VAT not included.

Gbox Setuppallets


The Gbox Setuppallets fits together with the Gbox Dualstands. The tool makes it easy to reach the adjustment points. For security reasons the Gbox Setuppallets is delivered with slide sheets and slide stops. The pallets are stackable to save space under transportation. The Gbox Setuppallets can be used with three or four legs depending on your needs and the ground foundation. Sold in sets of four.

20500 sek
VAT not included.

Gbox releasebearingtool


The Gbox Releasebearingtool makes it easier to loosen the lock-ring by compressing the suspension that holds the lock-ring in place.

Fits: All Porsche models that have a pull type clutch realeasebearing.

875 sek
VAT not included.

Ride height measure


The Gbox Ride Height Measure is a quick and easy way to get an exact measurement of the ride height. Range 65-125 mm.

Fits: All car models.

990 sek
VAT not included.

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